MURFREESBORO – Here at the Tribune, we love weekends. The Tribune Staff scoured upcoming local events to find some good, clean family-friendly activities for the upcoming weekend.

If you’re looking for things to do this weekend, here are some ideas straight from the Tribune Editorial Board:

1. Mayday Brewery Hot Chicken & Jorts Party
It’s deliciously trashy, but sufficiently entertaining. Join a cast of characters who have no business wearing cutoff jean shorts. Feeling adventurous? Embarrass yourself too. You have full permission fromĀ The Tribune.

2. Dress up as Chewbacca and Hand Out Candy in Public
Why is this reserved for Halloween? It’s August, which is a damn fine month for handing out candy. If you want to really garner public attention, bring your windowless van and hand the candy out of the back. Or, if you’re looking for things to do with that van…

3. Serve Ice Cream Bars Out of Your Windowless Van at the Soccer Park
Trust us: the parents will love it. Who wouldn’t love a benevolent, handsome, and fully-toothed stranger handing out free ice cream to brighten the days of young ones? If parents object, it’s probably because they’re the kind of parents that hand out trail mix at Halloween. It has nothing to do with the pure creep factor emanating from your van.

4. Quietly Resent Your Spouse
Because who the fuck does she think she is?

5. Kick Your Neighbor’s Dog When No One is Looking
That little dog has been asking for it. Wait until no one is looking, and kick that little bitch like Beckham. And we use bitch as the technical term for a female dog. This is a family publication folks, but we also strive for pure journalistic integrity. If your mother gives you a problem for reading it, tell that bitch to keep it to herself.

If you have events that you would like to be submitted for future editions of “What to Do This Weekend,” you can send those events to