MURFREESBORO, TN – Members of popular social media network Facebook have fallen for a common hoax, which asks the user to copy and paste a packaged set of mumbo jumbo words in an effort to prevent a corporate takeover of their sensitive information and cat photographs.

The ruse, in which users’ personal information is threatened to be made public due to a nonexistent change in the website’s Terms of Service, has gullible adults copying and sharing a blanket statement that denies Facebook the ability to publish details about their personal lives.

Murfreesboro Tribune Beat Reporter Eddie Poe takes to the street to ask Rutherford County citizens how they feel about the matter.

From the Street: What do you think about your friends sharing a Facebook post to protect their privacy on Facebook?

from-the-street-7“My sister fell for it, although I’m baffled as to why ‘Chatty Cathy’ is dedicated to making people think she’s concerned with security. Up until now, her rampant over sharing of the minutiae her daily life shows how incredibly insecure she is.”
Ted Daniels, Security Guard

from-the-street-5“Oh I read those posts, but I didn’t do anything because Zuckerberg is welcome to share all of my Donald Trump and inspirational Bible Verse posts to the world. What we need right now in this country is a Trump/Jesus ticket.”
Sarah Smalls, Homemaker

from-the-street-11“Did these morons not read Facebook’s Terms of Service? They should. There’s a killer recipe for Duck L’Orange on page 1,276.”
Alice B. Tokeless, Food Blogger

from-the-street-8“Back in my day, we made sure everything stayed private with a combination of duct tape, keeping our mouths shut, and burying the bodies under cover of darkness.”
Gus “The Night Shiv” Garlands, Retired Consigliere