MURFREESBORO – On Monday, police responded to a report of suspicious activity on the 400 block of North Academy Street in Murfreesboro and ultimately arrested Antwan Carrigan, a black guy standing nearby who didn’t do much except be born with dark skin.

Witnesses say that police arrived at a residence on North Academy Street only to find cheerful white people who were probably law-abiding citizens. Officers shook hands with the white residents and wished them a great day.

Upon leaving the residence, police encountered Carrigan walking down the sidewalk as if he had a right to just stroll around town as a black guy without unwanted police interaction.

“Officer James Crow and I noticed a dark-skinned male, which matches the description of our typical arrestee, walking across the street,” Murfreesboro Police Department Officer Robert Lee later wrote in his report. “We approached the suspect with weapons drawn because, let’s be honest, we were going to arrest him for something.”

According to the Murfreesboro Police Department, Carrigan is the three hundredth black guy arrested in Murfreesboro in the month of July, which earned Officers Crow and Lee an ice cream party at MPD Headquarters.

Despite an excellent rate of arresting men who haven’t done anything except be visibly different than white people, not everyone at the Department is upbeat.

“It’s not good enough,” said MPD Spokesman Stone Jackson. “Every day, this city is full of black guys that, if we follow long enough, are bound to commit some sort of trivial crime, and those guys need to know that the law makes no exceptions unless you’re white.”

As of the time this article goes to print, Carrigan sits in the Rutherford County Jail on a $4,000 bond, which would require an entire week of work to post. Meanwhile, six wealthy white people have been booked on serious charges and have bonded out into the community.