MURFREESBORO, TN – Early Tuesday morning, Mark Kendall took to Facebook to share his deep, thoughtful, provocative, and insightful analysis of the 2016 United States Presidential Election, urging his friends to avoid voting for the other side, whose candidate lacks both morality and general decency.

His Facebook friends completely ignored it.

“I’m proud of Mark for really putting himself out there,” said Loretta Kendall, Mark’s mother, who is the one person to read the post. “He is such an ambitious boy.”

Mark’s post blended emotion, compassion, anger, and urgency, creating a call to action that everyone avoided in its entirety.

“YOU have the power to shape the future of America,” the post reads. “There is no way you can vote for someone with no morals. This country won’t survive.”

Several of Mark’s Facebook friends spoke with the Tribune under strict anonymity.

Jay Barnum, a 33-year-old software designer and lifelong friend of Mark’s up until Mark finds out what he said in this interview, said that he isn’t reading the post because he already voted.

Katrina Pierce, a family friend of the Kendalls until her statement gets out to the public, said she just doesn’t know enough about the election to care.

Mark continues on in life, blissfully ignorant that the eight likes on his Facebook post were put there out of pity from people who knew that no one would read the damn thing.