TDOT to Close Bridge Over Broad, Cites Safety Concerns

MURFREESBORO, TN – In a stunning turn of events on Friday, the Tennessee Department of Transportation announced that the Bridge over Broad Street will be closed indefinitely, pending a comprehensive safety investigation.

“At this time, the Bridge over Broad Street will be closed to all traffic,” TDOT Spokesman Bob Bridgeman announced on Friday morning. “We will release more details as they become available.”

UPDATE: The Tennessee Department of Transportation released the following statement on the Bridge over Broad Street closure:

Over the past six days, the Tennessee Department of Transportation and local law enforcement agencies have received at least four different reports of trespassing, loitering, and vandalism on the east side of the Bridge over Broad Street.

Further investigation revealed that, on at least three separate occasions, City Councilman Fast Eddie Silverman interfered with traffic and verbally abused nearby drivers so that he could spray paint his name on the overpass. Silverman initially spray painted “Eddie Silverman for Mayor” on the overpass and, despite authorities scrubbing the paint from the overpass, Silverman returned to write “The Eddie Silverman Bridge” in large block letters.

At this time, the Tennessee Department of Transportation does not believe that the Bridge over Broad Street has the proper safety restraints to be open and accessible to the public. Councilman Silverman has not been located and, despite repeated attempts to explain the improbability of his mayoral election, he appears intent on naming the bridge after himself and announcing his candidacy for mayor.

This story is developing.


  1. Shouldn’t this be Eddie Smotherman, not Silverman?

  2. That’s stupid how does that effect the traffic . One childish man and your going to close the bridge that cost a lot of taxpayers money.

  3. Uhm instead of being idiots and creating an even bigger traffic issue than what already is… Build a barrier and arrest the guy! Dont make everyone else suffer because of one guy who is off his meds. We paid for the bridge via taxes and state budget therefore TDOT, it is not souly your right to choose. If this is true there are going to be some reeeeally pissed off people in town…

  4. Sounds to me like it is “People” that are making the bridge unsafe! From this statement anyway, but the councilman should be arrested and required to pay for the cleanup of his mess!!

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