MURFREESBORO, TN – Party Fowl, a Nashville-based hot chicken restaurant, opened this week in Downtown Murfreesboro, taking over a vacant commercial building that has previously held several failed ventures, including Los Guachitos Mexical Restaurant, Coach’s Grill, Fairways Golf & Grill, and Brew U.

The Murfreesboro Tribune Investigative Team has learned that the largest barrier to opening the new Party Fowl location had nothing to do with food or permits, but instead surrounded an ancient curse placed on the property by a former tenant, Coach’s Grill.

“When we first looked at the property, we could tell right away that something was wrong,” said Party Fowl Owner Chick Leghorn. “As soon as we set foot inside the building, it just smelled like dirt, mold, and health code violations. But I could also feel something else, a deeper level of pain and soiled light beer.”

Leghorn consulted with Zuku, a local witch doctor, who also works at Starbucks during the day, to better understand the spiritual environment at the new location. To Leghorn’s surprise, Zuku discovered that the property was cursed. After all, Coach’s Grill failed, Fairways Golf & Grill tanked, and not even Bar Rescue could save Brew U.

Zuku ultimately sacrificed six Nashville hot chickens to please the spirits in the building. Leghorn is hoping that the sacrifice paid off.

Leghorn remained adamant that the previous failed businesses had nothing to do with the generally shitty location of the building, near what some have called “the jewel of that meth part of Murfreesboro.”

“The key to this place is convenience,” said Leghorn. “After all, our customers can have some damn good chicken and then walk next door to get a cash advance on their next paycheck, pay their Metro PCS bill, and pick up a handle of their favorite liquor at one of the nineteen liquor stores within walking distance. It’s solid.”