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Murfreesboro Mayor: Share This Post or the City Will Execute a Puppy

MURFREESBORO, TN – In an interview Wednesday, Murfreesboro Mayor Sugar Shane McHarland appeared to threaten the life of Darnold, a three month old basset hound that is presently in the care of the City of Murfreesboro. Darnold is a touch slow, but was somehow still selected for this position.

Below is an excerpt from the controversial interview:

Q: Can you share what your position as Murfreesboro Mayor means to you?

A: I’m happy to share. Murfreesboro Mayor means a lot to me and my family. This post has been held by some incredible citizens, whether it’s Hollis Westbrooks, Richard Reeves, or Tommy Bragg. The best part of my day is waking up to serve the City of Murfreesboro. It is my encouragement at night and what will get me out of bed in the morning. But this isn’t a one person job. It takes a special group of people to execute the tasks required for this city to fire on all cylinders, and I am blessed to have that in the Murfreesboro City Council. It’s a privilege and an honor to serve with these folks every day.

Q: One more thing. Can you say the word ‘puppy’?

A: Did you say puppy?

Q: Yeah, I think we have what we need.

Stay with the Tribune as this story develops. Live coverage of the Darnold Memorial Service will be held once the heartless bastards on Facebook fail to share this post and Darnold walks the green mile.

City Council: Broad Street Bridge Better Be Named for Someone Who Sucks

MURFREESBORO, TN – In what Mayor Sugar Shane McHarland heralded as “the most cooperative meeting we’ve ever had,” members of the Murfreesboro City Council on Monday held a first reading of the list of possible candidates deemed unworthy enough to lend their name to the much-maligned “Bridge Over Broad Street” project.

Several council members have noted that no one wants to have the Broad Street Bridge named in their honor, as the thirty-seven year construction project has quickly become one of the most despised structures in Rutherford County.

The smattering of current and former officials, unloved local celebrities, and Murfreesboro criminal defense lawyers that were named, one by one, during the raucous four-hour meeting represent a “who’s who” of people that the entire city would happily applaud if seen either rotting on top of Mt. Trashmore or emblazoned on the side of a $17 million TDOT overpass.

The City Council roundly agreed that no current Council Member would be allowed to have their names chosen for the bridge, a measure that Councilman Don Young simply read three times at a rapid rate of speed while other Council Members said “Not It” as quickly as possible.

The bridge project was almost named the Councilman Eddie Silverman Overpass, as he was last to say “Not it” on the first reading—an error that he attempted to hide with the use of a garish pastel shirt and tie combination, which made no fashion sense at the early September meeting.

In what this reporter can only call the most enjoyable thing since sharing a dram of laudanum with a cousin of the fairer sex, each member of the City Council giddily wasted no time in an effort to highlight some of the biggest pieces of shit that Rutherford County has to offer, which made for the best evening I’ve had since I moved here from Baltimore.

Unfortunately there is not enough space in a Sunday New York Times, let alone the humble Tribune, to list each and every name heard in the meeting, but I have included some of the more interesting quotations for readers’ benefit:

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, because I think everything in this city should be named after me, but please do not honor my sacrifices here—at this time. Give it to Bob Darnold. He has my vote.” – Councilwoman Straddlin’ Madelyn Hales

“Usually I can think of at least fifty ways to come up with a more complicated solution, and as you know I’m not afraid make us discuss them right now, but I’ll be quick. My vote is Loveless Bridge. Wait, no, Zavisa Bridge.” – Councilman Diamond Bill Hackett

When the meeting adjourned, Eddie Silverman sulked off in the direction of the Greenway, likely to discharge a firearm into the air, which is how he unplugs after a long night of being responsible, as the good Lord intended.

Murfreesboro Tribune Beat Reporter Eddie Poe can be reached with comments, complaints, and sexual propositions at

Candidate Who Never Cared About Voting Now Really Wants You to Vote

MURFREESBORO, TN – It’s Election Day, Murfreesboro! That time of year where strangers jump into our personal space to explain how they are going to save America by serving on our local road board.

In a surprising turn of events, a guy that you have known for years, who has never mentioned state or local elections one time, even in passing or on social media, has evolved into a passionate advocate for involvement in state and local elections, with an emphasis on everyone voting for him.

Meet Jesse Pinkel, Candidate for Murfreesboro City School Board. Jesse, 34, is an accountant with Dewey Dickham & Howe. Prior to this year, Jesse was unaware that this city even held elections. However, now that he is running for office, he believes that you and every red-blooded American should fight earth, wind, and fire to get to your polling station on election day.

Pinkel has posted approximately eight hundred and sixty-seven status updates to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram since yesterday morning, which no one close to him has had the heart to tell him have earned his campaign the combined love and affection generally given to posts from Plexus and That Crazy Wrap Thing.

Recently, Pinkel took a bold stand in the election, offering services to orphans in exchange for votes, but passively threatening orphans if you don’t get on this make-school-boards-great-again train.


Polls will close at 7:00 p.m. tonight, at which time Pinkel will let his Facebook followers know whether he loves them all or plans to burn this place to the ground.

Citizens Demand District Representation for Whore Houses

MURFREESBORO, TN – The Rutherford County Election Commission will consider a petition to change the current location of whore houses throughout Murfreesboro, at the request of local entrepreneur Luther “Sweet Lou” Shirley.

The recent request to change the structure of a seven-member all at-large elected Murfreesboro City Council inspired Sweet Lou, who describes himself as a “talent manager,” to seek equal distribution of whore houses throughout the city.

According to Sweet Lou, it’s impossible for whores who all live on one side of Murfreesboro to serve the entire city. He seemed disinterested in the fact that the current whore houses have led to tremendous growth and success in the city.

“There are over 100,000 people who live in this town spread out over fifty square miles,” said Sweet Lou, “and they should all have access to my women.”

The Murfreesboro Tribune Investigative Team found that the seven whore houses that currently serve Murfreesboro are all located within two miles of each other in North Murfreesboro.

Sweet Lou is worried that automotive technology may not provide a way for hookers to travel quickly from one side of town to the other. He is also concerned that hookers may struggle to find some form of modern telecommunication to interact with potential customers in different parts of the city.

“How people gonna get to my hoes?” asked Sweet Lou. “You got seven houses on the same block running women and I’m up here across town wondering where my ladies at. I don’t care that the current setup works. ‘Dem hoes need to live here.”

The seven whore houses currently serving the City of Murfreesboro include:

Longford Lounge
Owner: Sugar Shane McHarland
2911 Longford Drive

The Hideaway Off Jones
Owner: Big Rob Washington
1107 Trinity Drive

Prestige Worldwide
Owner: Ol’ Don Young
1746 Somerset Drive

Boats ‘N Hoes
Owner: Fast Eddie Silverman
707 Woodmont Drive

Ladies’ Choice
Owner: Straddlin’ Madeline Hales
511 Archer Avenue

Buckingham Palace
Owner: Tricky Dick LaChance
1414 Buckingham Drive

All Good at Glenwood
Owner: Diamond Bill Hackett
1006 Glenwood Drive

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